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Let your furniture work for you!

Build everything from a perfect logo for your business to a peaceful home. Feng Shui measuring tape helps you find the right measurements for growth and wellness.

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Some Amazing Features

  • SIMPLE DESIGN Quick to find the right measurements
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE Works for both measuring systems (cm/inch)
  • ADAPTABILITY Choose a raw or fine scale according to your needs.
  • FAVORITES Save your favorite measurements

Enrich your life with this simple tool

Feng Shui Ruler is a tool that helps you wisely select the right measurements when designing or buying furniture. It will tell you what kind of energy, whether good or bad, each measure carries. According to Thuoc Lo Ban, measure can carry energy of Wealth, Sickness, Separation, Integrity, Power, Catastrophe, Harm or Profit.
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Why Choose Feng Shui Ruler


    Simple to scroll measuring tape
  • Input precise value

    Input exact value by tapping big display

    Red is good
  • Fine scale

    Yellow markers for 40 precise measurements
  • Favorites

    Found a great piece of furniture - save it!
  • Easy to compare list

    Easily analyze and compare measurements

Feng Shui Ruler

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